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Business philosophy
Jian Qin signs button Wenzhou companies operating purposes
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Corporate culture
The enterprise mainstream ideas and the sum of the mainstream behavior, entrepreneurial spirit, excellent quality, value pursuit of civilized behavior, the concentrated expression of the image of credibility. Jian Qin signs button Limited development has benefited from China's reform, opening up a good environment, but also benefited from a culture of innovation and enterprise development. Over the years Jian Qin signs button Limited has developed a unique enterprise culture.

Customer service
Customers sign button is built-Chin rapid development of the source Ltd.
Respect for customers, understanding customers, exceeding customer expectations continue to provide products and services, which is built-Chin signs button Limited has been upheld and promoted the idea. Jian Qin signs button Limited is willing to provide every customer and thoughtful "four heart" service to customers looking forward to once again choose.

"Four Heart" service principle
Product quality, customer confidence after-sale service, customers feel at ease
Customer demand, considerate care services customers, thoughtful dedication

Quality Strategy
Quality is built Chin button marked the lifeline Limited, Jian Qin do with the quality of people shared their fate. We have to achieve returns of product quality, focus on details, process-oriented management and doing everything trivial, this will leave a deep impression to the customers, at the same time create more profits.

Quality Policy
Product innovation, quality refinement, strict management, service sincerity

The meaning of the principle of quality
With eight principles of quality management as an enterprise operating guidelines and guidance to customers at the core, exercise scientific strict management, product innovation, quality improvement, to meet and exceed the needs of customers.


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