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    Wenzhou Jian Qin signs Button Co., Ltd. - China button is located in the country of all - the Rural zipper - ----- reputation in Yongjia County of Wenzhou City Qiaotou town. And the urban areas only 10 minutes journey, Jinliwen highway connecting traffic are very convenient. 
    Founded in 1985 to produce clothing supplies, apparel oriented. Main products are: badge badges, neckties, belts, chest emblem, receive flowers, signs buttons, chest, necklaces, metal clasp, Sihetun clasp, metal plate, and so on. Existing staff of 286 people, plant area of over 5,000 square meters, with total assets of 15 million yuan. The company is conducting large-scale, modern enterprise forward, a solid technical strength, advanced production equipment. Existing management, technical staff 76 people (including 26 senior titles, Intermediate Title 50); Imports of equipment have 300 to 200 T T senior hydraulic machines and six C132A1 lathe, plastic injection pressure machine, zinc, aluminum, copper pressure injection machine, silver welder, 63 T-punching machine, 100 T-stamping machine, 5 T, 3T, 1T Punch, polishing machine, computerized embroidery machine, Disi Ribbon machines, sewing machines, code-machine, senior resin buttons production lines, electroplating pipeline totaling 382 units (group). Companies always uphold 'quality to survive, credibility and development' as the basic business philosophy. Products developed by the international ISO9002 Quality System Certification,
    Many times in recent years was also in Yongjia County government named 'heavy contracts, and keeping promises' units' star enterprises', and the county Federation of Industry and Commerce was awarded' Excellent Enterprises', 'excellent quality products', and so the honorary title! 
    Company's products throughout all parts of the country, and senior buttons, bags deduction as Europe, the United States and other countries and regions. The materials of the company to high-quality, exquisite work, modeling beautiful, fashionable, timely delivery, service and thoughtful good corporate image and won widespread praise users, enterprises and the quality of products in the domestic market share with the industry-leading position!
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