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On the core competitiveness of enterprise culture... [Date Published:2007/10/6]
On the core competitiveness of enterprise culture
Visit signs Qin Jian Ji-Cheng Wang, the company sales manager
     The Chinese economy has entered into a high-speed development today, the building of enterprise culture to business survival environmental impact is growing. Short shift of surplus products from the market and the seller to the buyer, industry competition to competition from cross-industry competition. The competition among enterprises "white hot", in order to enable enterprises to win in the competition and achieve different operations, the building will become the corporate culture enterprise decision-makers in the first place one of the missions. This is every competitive enterprises, regardless of their size can profoundly feel that the trend, and more and more by domestic enterprises, especially large enterprises adopt; Various clothing supplies, the corporate culture is the most representative and signs. It shaping foreign enterprises can promote a new image and a new style, clothing supplies, as a corporate image is an important recognition factors, enterprises can convey the information of all sorts Societies. It is like a business card for visitors from seasonal enterprise's economic strength, management level, and management projects. Corporate Culture and mental outlook, the internal staff can increase loyalty and team spirit, a standardized and orderly., Methodically, gradually formed the centripetal force and cohesion of enterprises. Each staff live up to encourage the spirit of enterprise, in accordance with the concept of enterprise hard work. The enterprise workers on producing enterprises
The same values and common sense of identification with.
     Jian Qin sign company, founded in 1985, is China's uniform accessories marked a major force in the market. Companies uphold honesty, humanity, a strong, progressive business philosophy; Customer-God, as if the quality of life, and to mark the design, development, research, production. At the same time accumulated years of experience in the production process and continuously consolidate resources, enhance value to their products and brand reputation. Gained good reputation and operating results, with strong performance capacity. Customers in the industry and in winning wide acclaim.
        Looking at the world - to address global, "Jian Qin enterprises" look forward to working with you and to the common development of commercial, Wing Chong brilliant! ! !
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