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Jian Qin company talent strategy [Date Published:2007/10/18]
Jian Qin company talent strategy

Talent strategy: identification, educational talent, talent is only enterprises with the greatest wealth. Jian Qin people-oriented company, and continuously primers satisfied personnel; The first to break the geographical boundaries and the bold use of the field of outstanding young talent, but is done properly utilized. Professionals in the 21st century is building a new camp strategic approach Chin an important move; Multi-channel beyond talent, and more ways of cultivating talent, encouraging them in various forms. From around the outstanding professionals have joined Jian Qin companies, management-type, technology type, design type, plan for the talented people of all kinds of built-Chin's utmost ingenuity. Jian Qin company attaches great importance to the training of its staff education, inspire the spirit of the masters of each staff, every building built Chin Chin people are an important part of the extended family, their friendly harmony and work together, both have a high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm and cohesion, creativity; Jian Qin as its mission to revitalize to build the prosperity Chin proud. Jointly create a genuine partnership with a pioneering spirit, warm and friendly, fair competition warm home atmosphere, playing a rigorous scientific team spirit. Jian Qin spirit: Honesty: Honesty career, has been what it does not want yourselves. A man does not legislate, so do businesses, integrity-centered, can win the praise of P Plus, in order to ensure victory thousands of miles away. Dedication: persistent pursuit Baiti not around. Continuing to create high-quality new products to a sincere Thanksgiving, a heart back to the public. Weight before: people-oriented, but is done properly utilized. Enterprises talent is the greatest wealth. Team: Chin as its mission to revitalize the building, to build prosperity and pride Chin, a high degree of ownership and jointly create a genuine partnership with a pioneering spirit, enthusiasm and friendliness, the warmth of fair competition home atmosphere, rigorous scientific spirit of cooperation. Services: Service is the development of enterprises vitality! Quality of services is built Chin cooperation ties with customers, no services will be no market.
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