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I built in the Qin 40 days Out Practice [Date Published:2007/10/18]
I built in the Qin 40 days Out Practice

     If a person extra Wenzhou, whether sitting on the train or car, mobile phone short message when you have already entered the Chinese suggested that the most dynamic cities of Wenzhou, you will not believe your eyes at the moment to see car windows of all - the old dwarf, grassland stuffed with land. . . However, in the eyes of you is true Wenzhou - the surface of ordinary, real unusual. One such extraordinary as Qiaotou town, a busy one in the country or even in all parts of the world seem Baby Bells were formed now Wenzhou, she is no longer the small seaside fishing village, but bred talents, the dream of wealth and fertile soil.
Chin is built in such a fertile land of birth, growth. Eagles can only Pheasant mother this fertile land flourish, as a blue sky hovering in the ocean mighty eagle?

An enterprise's survival and development, the most critical is none other than his competitiveness. This reflects the competitiveness of enterprises in the capital, scale, the market share of products, technology, personnel and business philosophy. The competitiveness of the enterprises is a brand, it is a foundation for the survival and development of enterprises, any enterprise can only rely on it and grow to maturity. Blossom everywhere in the era of private enterprises, an enterprise wants to come to the fore, it is necessary to have a strong competitive edge, which is big brands.
Button is not Windows operating system, is not Coca-Cola, more than BENZ, it is only an ordinary clothing accessories, no core technical support, no secret formula, not the engine core chip. What Button support brand? It's competitiveness that where from? As a metal button enterprises, as a built-Chin What is the brand stood tall among the many buttons enterprises? We need to think of four aspects: First, the quality (including product quality, personnel quality, quality of service); Second, technology. Third, enterprises details; Fourth, entrepreneurs leadership.

In the great wave of prospectors circumstances, the building owned by the Chin is the best strongest? One of his integrity in the chain of those worthy of deep thought and have the attention of the weak links? In many enterprises to acquire all the competitiveness of their strongest wave, the big Jia do? Consider the following:
First, the management of enterprise leaders ways and means.
The management of private enterprises is not the usual understanding boss as a person have all the power, it also began to move toward democracy. He needs managers closer unity and cooperation and the positive remonstrations were made by the workers, managers humbly accepted.
Jian Qin from the next to the current lack of positive remonstrance statement, in the dead workers blindly work, not their brains to think flexibly irrational production methods, forms management, have innovative ideas to tackle their work. Blind rigid machine is working, if an enterprise workers like machines, he prospects for the development will be impossible.
Recommendations: 1, and actively encourage workers to find and solve problems, encourage innovation and reward the positive innovation that level.
2, the establishment of workers Suggestion Box to encourage workers actively remonstrance statement.
3, the acting manager of ordinary workers everywhere embody the respect of this can be mutual respect and understanding.
Second, the workers work.
The only workers to work outside the home is the starting point for earning money, thereby shake off the shackles of poverty in rural areas. But the vast majority of ordinary workers who ignored their own blind to the value of engaging in all kinds of "prospectors career." They do not have long-term plans and the positive intention to change the status quo, the spiritual emptiness at the same time struggling to cope with their own tasks, just one after another plant "if you goof off you."
Jian Qin currently exist on the biggest problem here, the workers do not work and busy with Sino, is the amount of time spent working, Those who are slack, not create value for the enterprise concept. A pressing task to raise the quality of the workers!
Recommendations: 1, use the morning assembly, publicity materials, magazines and newspapers actively guide the workers about their own values and outlook on life.
2, a reasonable time and reasonable manner on employees to conduct vocational training, to improve their professional quality.
3, the company publicly honor achievements in the hearts of the workers set a good corporate image, the sense of honor to meet workers, allow construction of Chin are in a no match wealth.
4, the purposes of production workers, the pass rate, and other indicators of the public system to supervise their own staff
5, the workers in skills competitions and other activities carried out, such as cutting back, a film on the expected, breaking off a clasp, screening (quality), and so on the one hand, dilute workshop monotonous atmosphere, on the other hand, while promoting the activities of the staff in their daily work skills proficiency.
Third, enterprises and the daily routine for the surrounding environment
Compared to other manufacturers, built-Chin is taken by the Working 11.5 hours of work, not to set up a white late-effective system. On the one hand it to the lives of workers, on the other hand, relative to other manufacturers daily routine for workers relative reduction of entertainment time. At the same time, built-Chin is now in a new development of the industrial zone, the entertainment surrounding the relative lack of shopping facilities, the distance from the downtown too far. Therefore, the staff is too monotonous daily life, spiritual emptiness, the young people are not accustomed to such a life. This is a company often resign, disgruntled workers one of the important causes.
Recommendations: 1, the existing system routines on the basis of one night per week increase in staff time to rest, let the staff have sufficient time to rest in order to promote the work of a full state.
2, the company proposed to buy a new television set placed in the staff canteen, rest periods are free to watch, enrich and improve the quality of life rest.
3, ordering newspapers and magazines appropriate, the establishment of specialized storage point, the staff is free to view.
Fourth, enterprises and the management system
Rules and regulations are the normal operation of an enterprise protection, a person must act in strict accordance with the system. Jian Qin present system is not quite perfect, it takes a very long time to slowly discovered and corrected.
Recommendations: 1, employees can take their jobs for the system, those who can afford priority, through competition. This can not only improve the negative work attitude, more actively to corporate productivity.
2, vocational skills examination system, the need to periodically evaluate the level of technical skills, assessment results into salaries incentive bonuses within.
3, outstanding pacesetter enterprises may be established, regular competitions will be awarded prizes and written recognition, increase staff motivation.
4, in the rotating system for employees responsible for the rotating workshop Size matters, and enhance their ownership status, and promote their work force.
5, public employees wage bonuses, this will be conducive to the promotion of workers newcomers.
V. enterprises details
Details enterprises including corporate culture, corporate philosophy, quality concepts, the overall quality of staff on all aspects. An enterprise is reflected in all aspects of the characteristics. Jian Qin objective is a new metal button enterprises, enterprise content is relatively weak. However, he can rely on the great advantage of built-chin, which include big own influence. At the same time, Jia large staff concepts, quality, and other areas relatively low, as a whole must be strengthened.
Proposal: 1, and strengthen the quality of the staff, resources concept, it is necessary to strengthen a tough way to the quality of products and give wide publicity to the concept of resource conservation. Such as: workshop inside the gloves used by almost an average of one day per person to use a pair, it seems that some more, with the dirt on the throw. This total, 30 workers using gloves that year more than 10,000 pairs. If all of the collection using dirty together and pool cleaning reusable, it will save the company money how many gloves!
2, the idea is that companies the impetus for moving forward. Employees of enterprises to strengthen ownership concept, let staff for the enterprises as a cause of their own, in order to achieve the enterprise dedicated staff for the purpose.
3, training workers good work habits, and strengthen safety awareness. Such as: placing a reasonable tool to avoid master repair plant running at full finding. Avoid staff throw cigarette butts, to avoid unnecessary security risks.

Not a perfect system, not always a straight road, the boss can always exceeded expectations. Jian Qin impossible to be perfect, of course, flawed shortcomings exist, but as long as people continue to build Qin efforts to discover and resolve, enterprises will increasingly smooth road. Not the best, but better, I believe Jian Qin be getting greater and better!

Continued: in such a long time could not write a satisfactory report, it is deeply regrettable. The parents, the school under the protection of the growth ambitions is considered to have truly understanding the real social experience, at the same time, usually lack of social awareness, passive acceptance of other people's ideas, not form their own integrity of the world. And writing this report, there are too many empty words Chen lack of content nor constructive to speak too much, there are also naive remonstrance statement, the rig up intermittently integrity, I do not know whether to watch areas also have hope of understanding. However, the future direction of the road accurately identify, step by step towards their own needs, too many things need to acquire their own, and hope that today's pace is a solid foundation for tomorrow.

Chen Fei
Completed in the evening of August 28
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