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Jian Qin welcome you visit the company's Web site, Chin companies build understanding.
Jian Qin company is a joint-stock Company Limited, has become a symbol buttons one of the industry leading enterprises.
All along, the built-Chin stick to their own entrepreneurial road, the road of quality, brand road, a few people from the hands of workshops to today's large-scale enterprises; From family to the management of today's modern management; From simple technical reference to today's technological innovation, 10 years of struggle and work hard to make the built-Chin companies in the fierce market competition in the forefront of Li Yong, a leading industry position.
With leading enterprise management concepts, Chin people in the building for more than 10 years of continuous innovation, formed a construction Tinta some enterprise culture; "Integrity" and "dedication" and "team", "re-only", "service" as a built-Chin entrepreneurial spirit, but also the development of the company Qin Jian the core driving force.
Jian Qin excellent leadership decision-making, team cooperation with absolute sincerity, and work together, properly utilized; Jian Qin tomorrow for making unremitting struggle.
Global integration in the global economy today, we deeply feel that the "strategic alliance to jointly raise" the importance of Chin's future is built from vast numbers of customers with the full support of friends sincerely trust.
Today's success does not mean that the achievements and dreams of tomorrow, Jian Qin people deeply understand the process more difficult future, a long way to go; The new century, people will be built Chin new posture to meet the new challenges, and are looking forward to joining with the people of sincere cooperation!
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